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Time & Space in a Cake


Last Wednesday, my partner, Jenny, had her graduation ceremony to formally receive her PhD. There was a party held at her parent’s house at the weekend to celebrate her frankly astonishing achievement with her parents and family friends. This was the cake commissioned for Jenny by her parent’s, Bob and Fran, to mark the occasion. It’s vegan. Also, the TARDIS is made from marzipan and the blue food colouring dyes tongues blue.

Yesterday, we both recovered from our hangovers by sitting in her father’s beautiful garden, reading, and drinking soft drinks until the sun set and the fire pit came out. I have had a lovely and restive weekend. Tomorrow I’m back at work.

It won’t be anywhere near as pleasant.


Blue in thorns
The parking situation for the day job is terrible. If you have a permit then you are one of the fortunate few. If like me you don’t, then you have to find your own. Where I attempt to park when working late shifts is an empty overgrown lot five minutes walk away. It isn’t ideal, but as it is the season for small flowers there are sometimes pleasant sights to start what is normally going to be a terrible day.