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We Had Brunch This Morning

I’m just back from the train station after dropping Jenny off. She’s on her way to a conference in Brighton for two nights. It’s about museum ethnography and I’m staying in the Midlands because I have to work. Earlier, on twitter, I joked that this has the advantages that we won’t be fighting over the duvet and the desk for a couple of nights, but with the disadvantage that neither of us have each other around to entertain & comfort each other before and after our day jobs.

To compensate for lost time together we watched the Chinese Grand Prix & made a vegan brunch together this morning.


Brunch was herb & garlic Heinz baked beans, scrambled tofu with fried red onion, and a couple of Redwood’s sage & marjoram sausages. It satisfied us both and there’s left over tofu and sausages for me to use for lunches this week. :)

Now that I’m back at home and in control of the desk I’m listening to Episode 141 of the Skiffy and Fanty Show. It’s about the recent Hugo Award discussions and Hugh Howey’s sexist blog post. I’m about forty minutes in and that makes this the longest I’ve listened to a podcast in years. Both of the topics are interesting and because the presenters and guests are behaving by not talking over each other I’m not getting confused about who is speaking.

When I lived & worked in Switzerland I used to listen to half a dozen really good tabletop gaming podcasts (2d6Feet & Godzilla Gaming Podcast are two I remember fondly), but after a couple of years as my interests shifted I fell out of the habit. I also found that I’d rather read text at my own quick pace instead of waiting for the seconds to pass in a podcast. But this podcast has me reconsidering the format, so when I’ve nothing else to do I’m going to take the time to find some podcasts aligned with the things I’m interested in. Suggestions are welcome.

But I have something else to do right now, so I’d better get started on that.